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Responsible use of Alcohol

Responsible alcohol consumption

Topslijter is the specialist beverage store in the netherlands. top liquor stands for responsible alcohol consumption. that is why we want to contribute to responsible alcohol consumption and help reduce alcohol abuse in this way. first and perhaps the greatest responsibility is to stop the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors. top liquor therefore strictly adheres to the rules and legislation that exist for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol and Minors

Young people under the age of 18 will not be able to purchase alcoholic drinks from topSlijter. All topSlijter employees are therefore instructed to ask you for identification if they think you are younger than 25 years old. Since it is required by law to be able to identify you at all times, this should not be a problem.

Advice for parents or guardians

As a parent or caretaker you can of course set a good example to your children, drink in moderation!
Know what your kids are up to and stick to the no 18 no alcohol rule.
You can of course get yourself well informed about the effect of alcohol and the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption in both young and old.

More information?


What is responsible alcohol consumption?

Unfortunately, the ultimate drinking advice cannot be given, because the effects and risks of using alcohol differ too much from person to person. However, by answering the questions below you can find a responsible way for yourself to deal with alcohol.

Why do you drink alcohol?

Drinking alcohol because it is tasty does not have to be wrong. Just make sure you don't drink alcohol to relax, to forget stress or problems, to belong, to overcome shyness, or to start conversations. Drinking for the wrong reasons increases the risk of dependence.

In what situation do you drink?

Drinking alcohol during sports, work or just before participating in traffic increases the risk of accidents. During pregnancy or while breast-feeding, the use of alcohol is strongly discouraged. It can lead to damage in the born or unborn child. Also make sure that you do not drink alcohol in combination with medicines and / or drug use, they cause an extra burden on the heart. Take the people around you into account, because your drinking behavior can stimulate others to (excessive) drinking.

How much do you drink?

Alcohol consumption can be harmful to health. The Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion therefore provides a guideline for responsible use: a maximum of two glasses for women and three glasses a day for men and not two days a week. So be aware of the health risks of alcohol and drink in moderation! Alcohol is a consciousness-lowering agent. In short, keep yourself under control.

How often do you drink?

If you drink regularly, you may become psychologically dependent on alcohol. Habituation, habit and dependence often creep in unnoticed. Try not to drink regularly.

Your reaction to alcohol?

If alcohol makes you irritable or even aggressive, you should ask yourself whether you should be drinking alcohol. Openness and honesty are important aspects to keep your drinking behavior from getting out of hand.


  • A glass of beer contains just as much alcohol as a shot glass of gin
  • The more you drink alcohol, the less you will taste it
  • Drinking alcohol deteriorates your reaction time
  • Alcohol removes moisture from your body, it makes you (more) thirsty
  • Alcohol and traffic don't mix
  • Alcohol has an effect on your sports performance the next day